Technology Integration Program Self-Assessment Tool

Please use the following links to learn about the Development of Technology Integration Program Self-Assessment Tool:

.PDFExecutive Summary


.PDFProject Overview

  1. Review Content Overview.  For additional details, please review the Guidelines.
  2. Determine how “programs” will be defined at your institution (e.g., all imaging programs together or each program separately).
  3. Determine which optional components, if any, will be included.
  4. Identify a lead for each type of input: student, faculty/program chair, curriculum review, barriers and resources, industry input, and input from other stakeholders.  The leads will determine who should be surveyed/interviewed and they will analyze the input.
  5. Determine who will establish timelines for all involved and who will execute the self-assessment tasks.
  6. If you would like to use BC’s survey templates, please contact Helen Clarke.
    1. Student input via surveys and/or interviews
    2. Alumni input via surveys and/or interviews
    3. Program faculty/chair input via surveys and/or interviews
    4. Curriculum review via surveys and/or interviews
    5. Input from industry via surveys and/or interviews (optional, but strongly recommended)
    6. Input from other campus/general stakeholders (optional)
    7. Identification of barriers and resources via surveys and/or interviews
  7. Arrange faculty/staff release time, as needed.
  8. Begin self-assessment process, which will continue for about one month.
  9. Establish timelines and instructions for SMEs and others involved in the surveys and interviews.
  10. Complete interviews and surveys.

  11. After all input has been gathered an analyzed, follow these steps:

  12. Compile findings from the interviews and surveys.
  13. Discuss next steps for the department.
  14. (Optional) Schedule one consultation session for the self-assessment teams of the different programs with Linda Reeder to occur before June 15th. Identify topics for discussion at least one week prior to the meeting. Note: these sessions are per college vs. per program at a college. Please see details and criteria.
  15. Complete the following form and submit to the appropriate individuals at your institution and to
  16. Complete a survey evaluating this self-assessment tool

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