Guide to Bachelor of Applied Science in Healthcare IT Articulation

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Healthcare IT

The BAS in Healthcare IT is a career-oriented bachelor’s degree program developed specifically to meet the career advancement needs of individuals with IT and/or healthcare preparation and experience.

The first 90 credits of the degree are fulfilled by entrance prerequisites, which include an associate’s degree, or equivalent credits, in information technology related—or healthcare related—field. The second half of the degree program offers a professionally relevant curriculum built around information technology and healthcare knowledge and skills. Emphasis is on current issues in healthcare, healthcare delivery systems, patient privacy, data security and mining, clinical vocabularies, healthcare IT project management, technical standards, business intelligence and decision support.

This program is specifically designed to prepare students to work in healthcare settings or with healthcare vendors as:

  • Data, integration or systems analysts
  • Software application coordinators or trainers
  • Systems managers
  • Project managers
  • Applications of IT analysts
  • Clinical applications managers
  • IT application liaisons

To learn more about the BC Health IT BAS Degree, visit their website.

What is Articulation?

Articulation refers to the process by which courses are evaluated to determine whether coursework completed at one institution is suitable for fulfilling requirements at another institution for the purpose of admission into a particular program and/or advanced placement. In this way the articulation process is designed to help students advance from one program or educational level to the next as seamlessly as possible.

As this relates to the BAS in Healthcare IT, we would be looking to utilize articulation in the following ways:

  • Maximizing students’ ability to fulfill admission requirements on a course-to-course basis. This would be accomplished by identifying courses at a sending institution that are comparable to or acceptable in lieu of corresponding courses listed under the eligibility requirements for the BAS in Healthcare IT.
  • Looking for ways to provide advanced placement.  This could be accomplished by identifying additional coursework that can be completed at a sending institution that would allow students to transfer into the BAS in Healthcare IT with advanced standing.

The final product of articulation would be the development of a formal, written and published document describing which courses from a particular institution will be accepted as comparable to or in lieu of coursework required for admission into the BAS in Healthcare IT. Known as an articulation agreement, this document would inform both institutions on how best to serve students who are interested in pursuing an educational plan towards the BAS in Healthcare IT at Bellevue College.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of articulation with the BAS in Healthcare IT include:

  • Building partnerships between colleges
  • Creating a pathway for students to obtain  a bachelor’s degree
  • Improving student retention; students are more likely to complete a college certificate or degree program when they enter with a clear career focus
  • Ability to “target” recruitment and marketing efforts; new students may be more motivated when they see where programs can take them
  • Fostering positive relationships between programs that can result in better alignment of course content and expected outcomes

Transfer Guide

The BAS in Healthcare IT has developed a transfer guide template.  This guide outlines the specific eligibility requirements that a student from your institution would need for admittance as well as the courses they would need to complete once accepted into the BAS in Healthcare IT degree.

Please use the transfer guide to determine applicable coursework that students can complete at your institution in preparation for transfer. Once completed, this guide will help to frame our future conversations.

Getting Started

Step 1: Review the BAS Course Equivalent Guide to determine applicable coursework that students can complete at your institution in preparation for transfer to BC Healthcare IT degree program.
Step 2: Send a completed Course Equivalent Guide to the Healthcare IT BAS program staff for review. If necessary the program may ask for course outlines, objectives and syllabi to confirm acceptable transferability.
Step 3: BAS program faculty and staff will work with your institution to confirm course equivalency, finalize the course equivalent guide and address specific terms to include in the articulation agreement.
Step 4: Provide a copy of the degree worksheet or transfer information that will be published in your institutions’ college catalog. If articulation will result in modifications to an existing degree/certificate option or creation of an entirely new pathway option, your institution may need to seek approval from its local curriculum approving body first.
Step 5: Finalize an articulation agreement and obtain appropriate signatures. We recommend that the articulation agreement be shared with department faculty, registrar, office of instruction and advising before moving forward with signatures. Signed originals of the agreement should be maintained at both colleges.
Step 6: Schedule a final meeting to ramp up marketing and implementation.

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